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Korean Skin care (aka K-beauty) lovers know that youthful skin isn't just about having nice skin. It's about glowing, plump and bouncy skin that mimics the kind of skin you had when you were younger. As we age, we tend to lose that vitality as sagging, dullness, pigmentation and yes, wrinkles begin to form. 

Storyderm is a clinical/dermatological Korean skin care line that is sold only to licenced professionals. This line has taken the aesthetic world by storm, with a unique ingredient deck such as spicules, aka liquid microneedles, stem cells, crystallized hyaluronic acid spears that act as a delivery system to a patented botulinum toxic hybrid protein. These are just a few of the dynamic ingredients in the line that standout not only in the treatment room, but also, with home care products that create a perfect marriage between an esthetician and client. 

Storyderm is a full line of products - the line has great alternatives to the standard chemical peels and works great on those higher fitzpatrick that do not do well with standard chemical peels. There are skin tightening treatments as well as a wide range of sheet masks and a line of jelly masks that are THE BEST in our industry.




O2 Jewelry Peel  $195.00
Shine Diamond jewel, reveal your radianceBrilliant skin of refined diamond powder.Skin toning by improving dullness and pigmentation. Brightening peeling that shines in your skin with natural mineral. (A must have for brides the week of your wedding!!!)

Princess Peel  $220.00
One day-peeling, skin detox of golden micro spicule.Colloidal Gold Peeling without skin irritation and pain. Hydrolyzed Sponge and Gold micro-needles derived from marine organisms penetrate deeper into the epidermis without injury. Helps scar restoration, pores shrinkage, wrinkle improvement, elasticity recovery, detox and skin brightening. (Gives a filter effect and that Red Carpet glow!)



Time Machine Peel $300.00 

Wake up your skin cells, fill the skin with elasticity. Promote cell differentiation with light stimulus. Anti-aging, scar recovery, skin color improvement. Pores reduction, elastic strengthening, reconstruction of skin layers, pigmentation management, wrinkle reduction, and reduction of inflammation. (Sun damage and age spots, this will change your skin.)


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